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Thorin Maddox
a global nomad with nearly a decade of travel, bred in China, and an embodiment of diverse cultural fusion.

Meet Thorin Maddox, the visionary founder of The Calli Factory. Born and raised in a vibrant Miao community in China, Thorin was initiated into the ancient art of Miao silversmithing at a young age. This deep-rooted respect and understanding of his heritage laid the groundwork for the inception of The Calli Factory.

Thorin spent six transformative years living in North America, broadening his perspectives and fueling his passion for diverse cultures. This unique amalgamation of East and West, tradition and modernity, is vividly reflected in his creations at The Calli Factory.

A global citizen at heart, Thorin continues to explore and integrate diverse cultural elements into his works. His life and work echo the essence of The Calli Factory — celebrating the power of individuality, the beauty of cultural diversity, and the art of craftsmanship. Join Thorin on this journey of discovery, and create your own symbol of self-expression with The Calli Factory.

About us

How it all started

From 1989

The Calli Factory: A living testament to three decades of craftsmanship and cultural blending, encapsulating traditional silver work, personalized modern fashion, and global inclusivity.


1989: It began in the vibrant Miao community of China, where a young artisan from a family of silver craftspersons, Thorin Maddox, embarked on a journey to learn the age-old craft of silver jewelry making. He honed his skills over decades, mastering the delicate art of creating intricate designs with precision and passion.


2007: Inspired by the rapid globalization around him, Thorin began to envision a brand that seamlessly married traditional craftsmanship with modern, personalized fashion. He traveled extensively, absorbing international trends, and developing a keen sense of global aesthetics.


2023: This vision materialized with the birth of The Calli Factory. Here, 30 years of craft experience met the innovative spirit of personalization. The brand quickly gained a reputation for its unique offerings of personalized silver jewelry and wearable accessories, with an emphasis on individual expression.


Today, The Calli Factory proudly represents cultural diversity, guided by Thorin's globally-informed perspective. It is a brand that continuously evolves, intricately weaving together elements from various cultures - a testament to Thorin's nomadic journey and dedication to global inclusivity.

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